Our Beliefs


Who are we?

Emanuel Lutheran Church is a congregation in the New England synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. The worship of God and the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the center of our congregational life.

We believe that Jesus Christ has called us along with all Christians to worship and to share the good news of our salvation through our words and actions. It is in this common calling that we find our identity and derive our purpose.

We are blessed by the regular hearing and experiencing of Gods word through the reading of scripture, preaching, teaching liturgy and the reception of the sacraments.

We are inspired to ministry through these things. Our worship is distinguished by the celebration of the Lords supper every Sunday morning.


We believe that communing with God and with each other as members of the body of Christ is an indispensable and infinitely rewarding act of worship.

It is chiefly in this action as a community of believers that we are strengthened by God and each other for the service of the Gospel each week.



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